Exact Plug & Play Automated Appointment Booking Scripts for only $10

Get Leads to Respond on Autopilot with my Proven Client Acquisition Templates

You don't have to Cold Call or Run Ads ever again. Just use these copy-paste scripts, subject lines, and software. Say goodbye to low open rates, no responses, deliverability issues, and finding leads.

Get started TODAY with 100+ exact cold email and Linkedin scripts - turn new leads and prospects into booked calls. This is everything you need to start get responses and make new connections. It's made to be a 'no brainer'

"You can't find these scripts on ChatGPT"

Use the templates for offers such as drop servicing, consulting, coaching and more!

"You will never have to do cold calling ever again after using these scripts by Darius. So useful for many different industries. Worth every penny!"

- Jason Wilkins

Hey! I'm Darius. I created this bundle to help you succeed with cold email and Linkedin outreach.

More Proven Success & Real Good Results

These Scripts Work For EVERY Industry!

  • E-commerce

  • Local (Brick & Mortar)

  • Real Estate

  • Insurance

  • Professional Services

  • Business-To-Business

  • Coaching or Consulting

  • Health/Fitness Sports

  • Finance/Trading

  • Artists/Musicians

  • Influencers/Personal Branding

  • Software or SAAS

  • Drop Servicing Agency

  • And Many More!

Whats Inside?

Over 100+ Cold Email and Linkedin Message Campaigns

Use the exact scripts or put your own twist to them. Get Responses!

"Fill Up Your Sales Pipeline Like Mine"


After I purchase, when do I receive the templates?

You get access to down the scripts and templates right away. We send the access details to your email!

Are these templates saturated now?

No! Saturation just means there is money to be made. It is a term people use to put fear in others. You can use these templates now or in the future and they will still work!

How do I send these automatically?

I love automation! I share the best cold email softwares to use today and that I still use for my own agency business!

I've not started trying to get clients yet. Will this work for me?

Yes! It will work whether you have no clients or have clients and looking to scale.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds for this digital product. It is only $10. I promise you will not want a refund because the value is so good. You will want to leave a good review!

100+ Cold Email and Linkedin Exact Winning Templates

For Only $10! (Limited Time Offer)

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